August 9th 2022
Tax Week 18
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Profit Extraction

Profit Extraction For Sample Business

Select any employees where the salary or dividend is to be included as part of the take home business profit.

i.e Where a salary has been paid to yourself as well as a spouse/partner.

You have not added any employees for Sample Business. Click Employee Costs to add some.

Allocate Dividends

There are no profits, after taxes, available to declare as dividends.

Complete the information above, then click next

This is an error message



At this stage you provide information on who to allocate your business profit to.

If you have entered your information correctly in the previous steps, you can now decide how much of your post tax business profits to declare as a dividend and to whom.

Begin by entering the following:

  • Select any employee for which their salary is to be included as part of the take home business profit. For example, if you have allocated a salary to yourself or your partner etc.
  • Add a dividend amount/percentage for each employee to receive a dividend amount.

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