September 20th 2019
Tax Week 24
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Small Business Tax Planner - Try this simple calculator to see how much take home profit your small business can make after taking into consideration turnover, outgoings, employee costs, corporation taxes and income/dividend taxes.

Corporation Tax and Net Profit Summary for Sample Business

Gross Turnover£0.00
Annual Costs£0.00
Profit before Employee Costs£0.00
Employee Costs
No Employees£0.00
Gross Profit Before CT£0.00

Sample Business has not made a profit, so no further taxes are to be deducted.

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Using the Small Business Tax Planner - Gross Profit

Detailed above is the amount of profit your business has made after running costs, employee costs and associated taxes - including corporation tax.

You now have a figure to use to decide how much of your profit to remove from the business, either by increasing salaries or taking a dividend.

Abbreviations used above:

  • Take Home - Take Home Pay After All Deductions
  • NIC - National Insurance Contributions
  • SALARY - Gross Income Before Deductions
  • TAX - Personal Income Tax For Employee
  • EE - Employee's National Insurance Contributions
  • ER - Employer's National Insurance Contributions
  • CT - Corporation Tax

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