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February 28th 2024
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(BETA) How much tax could you save by using your work expenses?

You can claim tax relief on business or work expenses in order to reduce your tax bill. You can currently make a claim for relief of up to 4 tax years in the past - so if you haven't made a claim, you should act before it is too late.

Generate an estimate of the possible savings along with a categorised list of expenses you can use to have your tax code adjusted to reduce the amount of tax you pay (employees) or add to your tax return to reduce your tax bill (self employed).

Start now by using our tax reliefs and expenses calculator below it's free and requires no personal info. You can save and get a print out!

I am . I was born in

My company car and/or fuel benefit in kind (BIK) is worth £

I make of £

I have a student loan deducted from my income

My gross income was £ in the tax year

Based on the information provided above, your estimated tax bill is £0.00

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Use our simple calculator to help plan the effect tax reliefs have on your tax bill - it doesn't matter if it's this tax year or historic pay information, you may be able to get a refund.

For employees, you can reduce your amount of income used to calculate your tax by deducting expenses for things such as business mileage and fuel, fees and subscriptions, working from home, buying tools or specialist equipment and more. If you spend money on something for work, you could possibly use the amount spent to reduce your tax bill.

If you're self employed then anything used as part of your business (full or partial) may be allowed as an expense to claim tax relief against.

By using this simple tool, you can follow simple instructions to get a full computation and a breakdown of expenses you could claim tax relief against. Just fill in your details and click the green arrow to start inputting your expenses.

Each category will be explained for you, you can log everything in and see the amount of tax saved immediately. Once you have completed entering in your expenses, you can save and download a document which is printable. Employees can use this to have your expenses professionally checked and sent to HMRC. Self employed people will get a categorised list of expenses to help plan your accounts.

To learn more more about how to reduce your tax bill, continue reading our tax guide for reliefs and expenses:

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