Pre-tax Cost Calculator

See how much you actually work to pay for the purchases you make. We calculate the pre-tax cost of each of your purchases to check the gross income cost per purchase and find out how much you work to pay for each one!

How to use the pre-tax cost calculator

Find out how much you actually work to pay for purchases you make.

Everyone has to pay tax on their gross income, so £1 earned is not £1 taken home. However, tax does not work in a linear fashion, you pay more tax the more you earn.

Use this calculator to see how much the pre-tax cost of each of your purchases you list actually is in this 2019/2020 tax year.

The order you list your purchases in is important. We figure out the amount of your gross income used to make each purchase and the exact amount of tax you would have paid on that portion of your income. This gives us the amount of gross income you needed to earn in order to pay for that purchase after you paid tax and other income-related deductions.

It's a quick and interesting comparison as we will show you the relation between each purchase you list to how many hours you are actually working to pay for it.

Any purchases you don't list, and if you have net income remaining, is automatically listed as income used for savings and the same information if provided for that.

You can list as many purchases as you want - if you go over your net income the calculator will tell you exactly how much additional gross income you need to earn to be able to make the purchases.

Use the 'move up' and 'move down' buttons to change the priority or order of each purchase so you can, for example have more important purchases toward the top and less important toward the bottom of the list.

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