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December 2nd 2023
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UK Buy To Let Tax Calculator

Use this valuable tool for Landlords to get an overview of the profit and tax liability for a property portfolio and see the effects of the upcoming rule changes for tax reliefs.

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Note. Summary figures are only for tax periods between 2009 and 2024

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Your Property Portfolio - Profits and Taxation Summary

Please add details for your properties above to see the full profit and tax breakdown for each here.

How to use

Use our BTL (Buy To Let) Tax Calculator to get an estimate of the profit and tax liability of your entire property portfolio.

We currently provide you with an estimate for tax years from 2009 to 2024. The calculator will provide you with a full tax breakdown for these tax years, a per property breakdown and automatically calculate property rental taxes and capital gains tax whilst rolling over losses/reliefs to be used across tax years.

Rules are changing for Landlords with the wear and tear allowance removed and the tapering down of how much mortgage interest can used as tax relief. This calculator incorporates these changes.

The calculator allows you to enter a little information about yourself to help accurately select your tax bands and thresholds and then build up your property portfolio.

Begin by entering a name, date of birth and then enter any other sources of income you may have by clicking the other gross income update button.

Next, click the '+' button to add each individual property in your portfolio. Every property added can have the following details attached to it:

  1. Purchase date, purchase price and purchase costs. These help to calculate any CGT (Capital Gains Tax) liability you may incur if you add a property sale to this property.
  2. Costs - Add any costs that are 'wholly and exclusively' related to the business of renting out that property. This can be items such as furniture, council tax paid by the Landlord, bills paid by the landlord - but not mortgage costs (these are added separately).
  3. Rent - Add any periods where rent has been, or is being, received for this property. You can enter the amount and the frequency of rental payments. The calculation will automatically segment the rental income into tax years.
  4. Mortgage - Add any period where mortgage interest was charged/paid. If you have a repayment mortgage you will have to calculate the interest figure yourself (use a mortgage statement estimate from the mortgage overpayment calculator here) for each period you enter due to the amortisation method used on mortgages.
  5. Property Sale - If you have sold, or plan to sell the property, you can enter details of a sale. The sale date, price and associated costs can be entered for a capital gain charge to be calculated.

Don't worry you can save your portfolio! Enter you email address to save any version of your portfolio. We provide you will a passcode for each version you save. You can reload your calculations by entering the email address and relevant passcode.

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