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Work out tax backwards! Find the gross income required to get the take home pay you want. Enter any net income amount to get the gross income.

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UK Reverse Tax Calculator

When thinking about your next job it is always a good idea to have a target income to aim for. Most jobs are advertised with a gross salary amount, and our tax calculator will be able to tell you exactly what to expect to take home, but what if you know how much you need/want to satisfy your budget? How do you find the gross salary from the actual money you need to spend?

The answer is to use this tool, our Reverse Tax Calculator. Using an estimation system to take into consideration every option available on the regular tax calculator, including self employment/CIS options, we can find the gross figure from a net figure provided.

There are interesting figures to be found here, for example:

Estimating the average household budget in the UK, expenditure is around £500 per week. For someone under the age of 30, this would require a salary of over £31,000 per year.

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Reverse Tax Calculator 2023-2024

This valuable tool has been updated for with latest figures and rules for working out taxes. It uniquely allows you to specify any combination of inputs when trying to figure out what your gross income needs to be for the desired net income.

Literally any combination of options works, try it - from swapping to different devolved tax regions, trying a mix of pension contributions or types of pension or even switching the type of employment.

We attempt to get as close to the true figure as possible but as always there may be rounding differences that could account for any deviation.

Here is in an overview of the options you can use to fine tune the calculation:

CIS / Self Employed - If you are CIS Subcontractor/Self Employed, tick the option so we can include your CLASS 2 and 4 NI's from CIS/Self Employment work - these would not have been taken off your statements/vouchers but are due on your tax return.

Student Loan - Have you been a student? Did you take out a Student Loan? If paid via PAYE or Self Employed and declaring your earnings via a Self Assessment Tax Return you will pay 9% of any income above the repayment threshold toward repaying your loan.

Student Loan Scheme - Select the period at which you took your student loan out

  • Pre 1st Sep 2012 - Your Student Loan Repayments will be calculated at a certain percentage above a set income level - this changes depending upon the tax year (For 2012/2013 the threshold is £15,795 with 9% of of gross income above deducted).
  • Post 1st Sep 2012 - Your Student Loan Repayments will be calculated at a certain percentage above a set income level - this changes depending upon the tax year (For 2012/2013 the threshold is £21,000 with 9% of of gross income above deducted).

About You - Enter your date of birth and sex so we can calculate the correct allowances for you. With the state pension age now based upon date of birth as well as tax allowances from 2013, we can quickly checkly calculate an accurate personal tax free allowance as well as deduce whether you need to make national insurance payments using just your date of birth!

Other Allowances and Deductions - Do you have an additional tax allowance or deduction? Please enter any additional allowance that you have on top of your regular tax free allowance, if you have a deduction please enter it with a minus symbol in front e.g. 1500 for an allowance or -1500 for a deduction.

Tax Codes - If you know your tax code, please enter it and we will calculate based upon that code. Make sure you have a valid code, if you on emergency tax, just enter BR. For a list of all tax codes and classifications visit our how to calculate tax section.

NIC Letters - Letter Based NIC Calculation is only available for tax year 2009 onwards - otherwise A will be used. If you know your NIC Letter, please enter it so your calculation can be based upon it. We currently accept the A,B,C,D,E,F,G,J,L,S and X letters. The Standard Rate Letter is A, The various contracted out options are letters D, E and L Salary Related, or Money Purchase S, G and F. For a list of all NIC Letters and applications, click here.

Pension Contributions - If you have a pension, please enter the amount or percentage you pay regularly into this box. If you enter 5% a month, enter 5%, if you pay £100, please enter 100.

Pension Types - Select the type of Pension you have

  • Salary Sacrifice - Your employer will reduce your Gross Salary by the Pension amount. This will in turn reduce the amount of tax, national insurance and employers national insurance payable. There is no tax relief to claim as your employer makes the pension contribution for you.
  • Employers Scheme - Your employer takes your pension contribution from your salary before calculating tax so you receive full tax relief at source - but you still pay NICs on the full amount.
  • Private Pension - You make payments from your salary to a private pension plan - you are still taxed on the pension payments and pay NICs but can receive tax relief automatically at basic rate into your pension by the pension provider. You will need to claim any higher rate relief via a tax return or by adjusting your tax code.

Auto-Enrolment - Tick the box to limit employer deducted pension contributions to qualifying earnings.

Total Benefit in Kind - If you receive any benefits in kind, enter the total monthly cash equivalent amount in the box.

Tax Year - Select the Tax Year to calculate, tax years start 6th April and end 5th April.

Net Income - Please enter the amount of Take Home Pay you require. This is the NET amount after Tax, the actual amount that you get paid after all deductions have been made.If you select month and enter 3000, we will calculate based upon you taking home £3,000 per month.

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