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UK Gift Aid Calculator

Use our calculator to find out how much your gift aid donation is worth to the charity and see if you can claim back a tax refund on your donation.

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Donating to charity via Gift Aid is more cost-effective as you are essentially making the donation pre-tax. Charities are able to make an immediate claim at the basic tax rate in order to 'gross up' your donation. For example, if you donate £100, the charity will be able to claim £25 from HMRC and your donation becomes £125.

You must sign a declaration when making the donation stating that you have paid tax in the same tax year you make the donation and that it is/will be more than or equal to your donation. Declaration forms must be retained for 6 years in case of enquiries.

If you are a higher or additional rate taxpayer you are able to claim back the difference in your donation and the tax you paid. This is where this calculator is helpful.

Select the relevant tax year above, then enter your income for that year by choosing the type of income, the amount and how often you were paid. Then you should enter in the total Gift Aid qualifying donations you made in that tax year.

We automatically figure out what your tax for the year is/was, the amount the charities claimed at source on your donations and how much you can claim a tax refund for.

If you can make a claim for a gift aid tax refund you can either, declare your donations on your tax return or if you want to get the refund sooner, fill out a P810 form. For the latter you will need to contact HMRC.

You can also donate to charity through your payslip. If your employer is running a Payroll Giving scheme they can deduct and pass on your donation from your gross income. For example, a basic rate taxpayer wanting to donate £10 only needs to donate £8 of their post-tax salary. The deductions differ depending on your marginal rate of tax and your tax region.


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