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In the Contractor Umbrella Payslip Calculator, I would like to see a total for the number of days worked

Sarah - 17/04/2018 12:34:28

Total number of days worked (overall contract) and days worked per payslip have now been added.

Ray Arman

Could you check that tax relief on a scottish personal pension is applied to the highest marginal rate eg relief at 21%

Stephen - 17/04/2018 08:10:22

We are currently following guidelines as specified in ( The calculators, show personal pension relief at 20/40/45 percent for all tax schemes - but the difference between scottish and rUK tax relief is not being calculated at the moment.

Ray Arman

I’m getting strange results. Income of 28748 in 2018/19 in Scotland shows me paying tax in 41% bracket. It should start at4

Ian - 12/03/2018 07:19:45

I've tried the calculation on the website and the tax calculation is correct and is displaying the correct bands. It is showing the correct calculation result in the app but the band for the 997 amount is showing incorrectly as 41 percent when it should be 21 percent. We are looking into this error now and should hopefully have it fixed soon unless and update is required.

Ray Arman

Am using the wizard. Cannot find where to enter giftaid payments. I understand this has tax implications re upper rates.

Basil - 21/02/2018 22:00:57

Outside of payroll giving, basic rate taxpayers do not see a difference in tax deducted. Higher rate taxpayers can apply for the additional rate difference on their tax returns. For payroll giving, we now support this on our payslip calculator. The wizard will also be updated soon.

Ray Arman

i think your state pension age calc is out of date.

Ronan Fox - 29/01/2018 12:42:42

Thanks for letting me know. The calculation has now been updated for the latest SPA schedule as per

Ray Arman