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August 25th 2019
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On the net pension contributions have you reduced the allowance for tapering for high earners?

Raymond - 09/07/2019 12:55:56

No, at the moment tapering of the pension allowance for top earners is not supported. It can take into account other factors such as roll over allowances and therefore must be calculated manually for now.

Ray Arman

Im being made redundant, is there a calculator to work out the tax.

Vincent Alexander - 20/05/2019 19:50:22

Sorry to hear that. You can use our multiple income wizard to estimate the total tax on multiple income sources. There is an option for redundancy payments. The calculator is at: ... Also, there are some changes to take note of, read at:

Ray Arman

Dividend income? Savings income?

David Coles - 20/04/2019 14:08:02

You can use our multiple income calculators to check tax on a combination of incomes. Try at or

Ray Arman

multi income calculator currently does not talk about mortgage interest rebate that is rolled out for buy to let landlords.

Umesh Kumar Agarwal - 09/04/2019 09:36:58

The multi income calculator requires you to enter the profits from property income after expenses/reliefs have been factored. You can however use our buy to let tax calculator to help work out your applicable reliefs for mortgage interest and more. Try it at

Ray Arman

Your multi income calculator does not seem to take into account that a person over pensionable age does NOT pay NIC

Dev - 14/03/2019 08:54:36

Did you enter your date of birth? The calculator checks if a person is over SPA based on date of birth and current SPA rules. Please email me at with details of your inputs to the calculator so I can investigate further for you.

Ray Arman

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