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December 2nd 2023
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The used electric car vs new calc seems to use the depreciated value rather than the tax WDV to calc Cap Allows?

JoJ - 04/10/2023 10:01:35

For illustrative purposes the depreciated value is used.

Ray Arman

I have other income (rental and shares) which use my allowances there, and chance of a button "no allowances"? Thx!

Hugh - 04/09/2023 18:12:42

if you are using just the 'one income' calculators - PAYE, self employed only then you can use a minus figure in the 'other allowances/deductions' box. For multiple income sources it is better to use one of our multiple income calculators from the menu as these will auto-allocate the allowances to each income source.

Ray Arman

Very helpful.

L G - 21/08/2023 09:29:10

Please can you add a National Insurance calculator for those with both Class 1 (Employed) and Class 4 (Self-Employed) income?

Jason Ball - 14/08/2023 02:54:35

We don't currently have a specific calculator for just that calculation, however the multiple income tax estimate or wizard can take multiple types of income as input and provide a full breakdown of all deductions.

Ray Arman

I earn 17k pa in state and private pension plus 6k pa in savings interest. Your calculator doesn't seem to calculate this.

Grant - 25/07/2023 08:21:41

Please use the multiple income calculator - put the pension incomes into NIC exempt income box and savings into the savings box.

Ray Arman

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