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September 23rd 2017
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please can you add EIS and SEIS support as well many thanks

Nicola - 01/07/2017 11:16:07

Thanks for the suggestion. For now, you can simulate the tax relief effect by adding 50% of the value of your investment to the other allowances box as an additional allowance.

Ray Arman

On IPhone App, Payslip calculator, add option to copy calculated data from this month into source data for next?

David Purle - 26/05/2017 07:42:27

Both this and TouchID are good ideas - I will add them to the list for the next release. Thanks!

Ray Arman

Your US tax calculation is wrong, at least if you are married with one child living at home.

Allan - 15/05/2017 13:29:17

The calculations within the World Tax Calculator were normalised for comparison purposes to compare a single person's income broadly against UK PAYE for the same circumstances.

Ray Arman

Your caclulation is incorrect for NI (see Income of 43016). NI should be 4193.52

Alicia Cichowska - 04/04/2017 10:39:23

These are rounding differences - between using the weekly limits or annual limits. We are updating to the weekly limits and the calculation should now show 4193.52.

Ray Arman

working past retirement age, paying into work pension and receiving state pension- cannot see where to add this in

Mike Coare - 26/03/2017 15:43:08

In the multiple income calculator enter your pension income as 'nic exempt' income and enter your work pension contributions as 'PAYE pension contributions'. Hope that helps.

Ray Arman