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August 19th 2022
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Is it possible to add weekly working hours into the profile/calculations so that the hourly pay rate is 'accurate'.

Andy - 26/06/2022 16:33:00

try our salary calculator tool, it allows adjusting of hours, days per week.

Ray Arman

Hello, the calculator doesn’t appear to take into account the recent change in the national insurance contributions?

Chris - 28/04/2022 06:40:19

The NIC rate has increased by 1.25 percent but the thresholds have now also been increased, albeit from July. The main calculator works on an annual basis so only the annual national insurance deducted is fully correct - the monthly and weekly are averages for across the year. You can get a correct per pay period calculation by using our payslip calculator. Email me for any further investigation at - Thanks!

Ray Arman

I am using the IOS app v 2002.2. I notice that the tax free personal allowance does not reduce by £1 for every £2 over £10

Conall - 18/04/2022 02:10:58

If your income is over the 100,000 limit the app will taper the allowance, unless you have entered a tax code, which overrides the default behaviour.

Ray Arman

Would it be possible to enhance the App with actual Tax paid via P60s, Bank Statements etc to check against Tax due?

Dave Steward - 21/12/2021 13:44:07

You can input figures from your payslip in to the payslip calculator in the app, but there isn't an end of year reconciliation at the moment via P60 input.

Ray Arman

Why do personal allowances appear in Single Income but not Multiple Income?

Dave Steward - 21/12/2021 13:38:45

In the app or website? On the website the personal allowance is shown in the 'workings' box as it is used up by each income source. The workings breakdown is not shown in the app to keep figures clear.

Ray Arman

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