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November 19th 2017
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How about adding the current tax week # next to the current date on the home page?

Mike - 28/10/2017 11:12:41

Thanks for the suggestion - this should be added soon.

Ray Arman

What about a calculator for the buy to let landlord showing the reduction of the interest over 4 years and the effect on prof

John Mather - 26/10/2017 20:51:34

We have a calculator for this -

Ray Arman

Can we have a payslip calculator that can calculate multiple jobs as some people have more than one job

Rob Vanston - 24/10/2017 08:43:04

Each job will have its own payslip with a specific tax code provided by HMRC. You will need to input each payslip individually. For multiple incomes, please use our multiple income calculator. You can then total up your income and enter it into the PAYE box to check the tax payable on the combined income. You can also use our 'compare tax on two jobs' calculator at

Ray Arman

the detailed calculation for the capital gain category doesn't actually show the detail

Philip Burman - 13/10/2017 10:17:40

Is this within the multiple income tax calculation? A more detailed explanation of how capital gains tax is calculated is available on the capital gains tax calculator (

Ray Arman

please can you add EIS and SEIS support as well many thanks

Nicola - 01/07/2017 11:16:07

Thanks for the suggestion. For now, you can simulate the tax relief effect by adding 50% of the value of your investment to the other allowances box as an additional allowance.

Ray Arman