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December 2nd 2023
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UK Small Business Tax Planner

This simple calculator to see how much take home profit your small business can make after taking into consideration turnover, outgoings, employee costs, corporation taxes and income/dividend taxes.

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Use our business tax planner to get an idea of how much money you can extract from your small business once employee costs and taxes are taken into account.

You can navigate around the planner at any time by selecting from the sub menu, which takes you to each relevant section.

Begin by entering the following:

  • Your business name - this will be shown on the summary.
  • Your business turnover
  • Your business outgoings
  • Select a tax year, then click next to continue

If you run your own small business then you are likely to have more than one source of income.

Planning your personal taxes can also get complicated so we have a Multiple Income Tax Calculator to get an overall picture of taxes deducted once every income source gathered.

You can also use our Multiple Income Tax Estimate if you don't want to save your calculation and just quickly see the total tax deductions.

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