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Find out exactly how much pay will be in your wage packet in using this calculator.

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Based on your regular gross wage and how often you receive your pay packet, we will figure out what the closest payday to today is. Check any options and then click calculate!


UK Wage Calculator

Use our wage calcutor to quickly find out what your net pay will be on your next payday. We can replicate your payslips by asking for very little information, just your regular pay and how often you are paid is enough to figure out what the size of your pay packet is likely to be.

We estimate what the closest pay date to today is, figure out where in the tax year that date is, then estimate the amount of tax and other deductibles you would have had to pay when run as a work payroll during the tax year.

You can then see a breakdown of the payslip with the important bits highlighted as well as a breakdown of individual deductions.

Wage Calculator 2023-2024

We have included a few extra options to help make sure the figures you see are spot on. The most common deductions from employee wage slips are pensions and student loans. These are provided for you under the 'options' button.

We have another calculator that will be helpful if you have earned commission in a particular month on top of your regular wage and need to know how much tax will I pay? - this particular tool can figure out your wage slip in any pay period where you have additional income on top of regular pay. That situation normally means additional tax is deducted for that pay period. Due to the the way taxes are calculated you might be surprised by the how much of the extra work converts to your wage packet. To help with this the calculator can even tell you how much overtime you need to do in order to get the extra cash you want in your wage packet!

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