Income Tax Calculator

Use this interactive income tax tool with a visual breakdown to see how much of your annual gross pay you end up with and how each deduction is allocated.


UK Income Tax Calculator

This is the most advanced income tax calculator providing a visual breakdown of how your salary is broken up for tax and other deduction purposes. Unlike our salary calculator, where your salary calculation results are updated in one shot, here you just need to enter, or slide the top gross income stick, and immediately you will see the total tax, national insurance and student loan deductions (if applicable).

Each row of the graphic is a type of deduction or contribution. We provide a range for incomes from zero to £200,000 and show you how individual bands and rates apply for each segment of your gross income.

When calculating on an annual basis the calculation can get a bit 'squeezed' on smaller screen sizes. We suggest that you enter the exact salary figure you want to calculate into the label above the orange slider handle. Alternatively change the calculation mode to monthly or weekly to enter a monthly or weekly salary instead.

You have a row for pension contributions to input any pension contribution you make. Just move the pick inside the pension row and your contributions will increase/decrease instantly. See how the tax deduction on your income is adjusted when pension contributions are taken into account. Please note that we don't take any annual pension relief amount into consideration when adjusting tax relief.

An alternative way to use this calculator is in reverse! Focus on the take home pay row to see the take home pay figure and then look at the the other rows from to see how the gross income adjusts to meet the take home pay figure.

This calculator has pre-programmed tax rates and allowances for the different tax rules for United Kingdom countries - England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

You can switch between Income Tax Calculator, Monthly Income Tax Calculator and Weekly Income Tax Calculator modes.

There are some limitations, compared to our other tax calculators, which will provide you full breakdowns:

  • Updated up to and including the 2024/2025 tax year.
  • No adjustments for NIC exempt income, multiple incomes types, allowances or deductions, tax codes (only the standard is used), different pension types, payslip (Cumulative) income and varying NIC letters.

All of the above limitations are addressed within our other calculators - use the menu to find the most suitable tax calculator for your needs.

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