Multiple Income Tax Estimate

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December 2nd 2023
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UK Multiple Income Tax Estimate

Use our calculator to get a fast breakdown of the tax and deductions when you have multiple sources of income in any tax year.

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If you have more than one income source, calculating tax can become difficult and, in some cases, you may end up paying the incorrect amount of tax - usually too much.

When using our regular Tax Calculator and inputting one income, the calculation assumes that is your total income for the tax year and takes into account all necessary allowances and allocates the income into the correct bands.

PAYE incomes, are taxed on the payslip and having multiple employments during a tax year or simultaneously during a tax year require your allowances and rate bands to remain in sync. This is normally handled using tax codes to adjust how your taxation for each income is carried out. You can use this calculator to enter your total PAYE income for a tax year and see what the actual amount to be deducted should be. The same applies for pension income taxed at source. These incomes are input here as NIC exempt income. You should also enter any BiK (Benefit in Kind) values into the NIC exempt income category.

Other income types, such as profit from self employment, property rental, capital gains, savings, dividends and more are each calculated with different methods. This calculator will take care of this to provide you with as close an estimate as is possible automatically.

The order in which taxation is applied to income is important, as is the way allowances are allocated. The calculator takes a best effort approach to apply these in the most tax efficient manner.

We recommend using our full Multiple Income Tax Calculator to create a full tax profile and save your calculations. You will be able to get further information and more granular information on how your deductions are calculated including payroll giving, pensions, student loans and more.


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