Shiny New Tax Tools For Autumn

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December 2nd 2023
Tax Week 35
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Shiny New Tax Tools For Autumn

We have added a new range of tax calculators to help speed up some popular questions from our users.

Shiny New Tax Tools For Autumn

We have created a new bunch of tax calculators to help with planning your finances and budgets. These new tools try to give you the best estimate whilst taking as little information as possible.

The aim was to satisfy some popular queries people have regarding their pay and taxes without presenting a large gloomy form to fill.

In response we have a host of simpler tools. These include:

  • New! Self Employed Tax Calculator - Just enter your turnover and expenses. You'll see your gross profits, self employed tax deductions and more. All the specific taxes and deductions that sole traders/self employed people have are there but also things like private pensions and student loan repayments.
  • New! Wage Calculator - If you are paid regularly and just want to quickly see what is in your next pay packet (after deductions!) then use this new tool. It needs two inputs and that is just the amount you are paid and how often. It will work out your payslip by figuring out where your nearest pay day is working out all payslips up to then and give you the latest payslip breakdown. No more guesswork!
  • New! Take Home Pay Calculator - Just two inputs and your annual take home pay is worked out. Breakdowns are also available for monthly and weekly periods. Options include benefit in kind, pensions, student loans, tax codes and more.
  • New! Company Car Tax Calculator - We're excited about this one. A unique tool that works out company car tax but also bases the calculation on your exact income. This means those on the edge of tax bands see the exact effect of taking a company car. You also have the ability to compare with taking a cash allowance and other car related options too.

We have also given out iOS app a once over and added new features like BIK, 'dark mode' and more. Check out the UK Tax Calculator for iOS. We also have apps for other platforms - click here to find yours.


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