August 9th 2022
Tax Week 18
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Employee Costs

Employee Salaries - Please also include anyone that may receive a dividend (when adding enter a 0.00 salary for them)


Add Employee - Please enter the following details

Employee's Name

Employee's Annual Salary


Employee's DOB (dd/mm/YYYY)

Employee's Tax Code (if known)

Employee's NI Letter (if known)


or cancel

No employees added! Please add employees by clicking the + button above

Complete the information above, then click next

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Deduct the staffing cost of your business to get a gross profit figure.

Tap the + button to add an employee to your business. The planner will automatically calculate your employers national insurance contribution in order to get the total cost of the employee.

You need to enter the following information:

  • The employee's name - This is to identify and reference the employee in the calculation summary.
  • The employee's annual salary - This is the total amount paid in the tax year to the employee.
  • The employee's date of birth, tax code and national insurance letter - In order to calculate taxes/NIC's.

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