Tax Refund Check - Step One

Check if you can claim any tax refunds within the four year limit as set by HMRC and how much you might be able to get! Start by entering some basic information about you and whether you have/had a student loan. No personally identifiable information is requested, stored or transferred.

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There are a number of tax allowances, reliefs and expenses that can be used to help lower your tax bill. These are normally claimed during the tax year as incurred, or on the tax return at the end of the year when all income is reconciled.

People can miss out on claiming what is honestly allowed either through lack of time, resources or just being unaware. Spending time using our UK salary calculator can only show you how much tax should be deducted from a total salary - but what if there are deductions that can be made before calculating any taxes?

We have created this quick 4 step calculator that will attempt to weed out where tax can or could have been saved within the time limits for making a claim for previous tax years - as described by HMRC.

No identifiable information is taken, transferred or stored so use the calculator to see if any claim can be made and if so, look through your records to see for any gaps.

You can save your calculation to a permanent link for later reference. Again, no personal information is linked to this aside from the calculation figures.

Get started now and see what you could save, it may be surprising! - Checks we do include:

  • Overpaid tax at source.
  • Student loan overpayments.
  • Unclaimed marriage allowance.
  • Typical expenses for employed people.
  • New trading allowances for the self employed.
  • Marginal rate relief on pension contributions.
  • Marginal rate relief on gift aid contributions.
  • Tax on multiple employments where incorrect tax codes may have been issued.

You can add income from any source including employed PAYE, Self employment, Property, Capital gains, Savings, Dividends and more.

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