September 15th 2019
Tax Week 24
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Compare the Tax on Two Jobs/Income Sources - Just enter the Gross Income and the tax codes HMRC have given you

Enter your salary details below to check what you have been taxed against what you should be taxed!

Note. When you are checking your tax code, the tax year, pension type, student loan type, and your sex/dob must be the same for the incomes entered - this is so that a combined income can be created.

Gross Annual Salary Tax Year Married Widow Blind NIC Exempt CIS Student Loan Type Sex DOB Allow/Deducts Tax Code Annual Pension Contributions Pension Type
Job 1
Job 2

HMRC provide your employer or pension provider with a tax code, but these can sometimes be incorrect - click to go to top

There have been situations in the last few years where due to system errors, HMRC have provided incorrect tax codes for people resulting in under or overpayment of tax. The tax codes should determine the amount of tax free income allowed within each employment or income source a taxpayer has – if the figure provided by the code is incorrect it can result in tax being incorrectly calculated.

How tax codes are calculated and how we check they are correct - click to go to top

The tax code is used to figure out the amount of income you are allowed to earn before any tax is deducted. Your circumstances are evaluated and you have allowances and deductions allocated to you, which are then subtracted to provide a new tax free allowance figure. This is then coded into the commonly recognisable letter and number form. To learn more about tax codes, read our in-depth tax codes guide.

When attempting to check if your code is correct, we require you to enter your incomes and all associated allowances and deductions known for the income. Your income is then combined and the basic tax free allowance for your sex and age group is calculated. The amount of tax is then calculated and compared to the amount of tax that would be deducted across the two income provided. Any discrepancy is highlighted so you can raise an issue where the code could be incorrect.

Help - find relevant tax tools and calculators - go back to top

Answer a few questions below and we will list relevant tax calculators and tools that can help you organise, budget and ultimately save you money!
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