Calculating Company Car Tax

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December 2nd 2023
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Calculating Company Car Tax

Work out the exact company car tax and see if a cash allowance is better with our new calculator.

Calculating Company Car Tax

We have added a new company car tax calculator to our ever expanding number of tax tools. Now you can see how much company car tax you pay by either selecting your vehicle from the extensive list of new vehicles we provide or entering the p11d value and band the car falls into.

The new tool can also calculate fuel benefit as well as show you the difference between the company car tax you would pay versus any cash allowance you could be offered instead.

We think this calculator will be a great help for many people, especially those comparing taking the provided car against the cash allowance. It is also particularly useful for people who span two tax bands and where the addition of a company car would cause the BIK cash equivalent added to the salary to be a mixture of rates.

Lastly, there is the ability for the one-off capital contribution to be entered. These are capped to a maximum of £5,000.

Rather than ask for a myriad of information about your vehicle, we pre-calculate the BIK percentage for popular vehicles for each tax year. BIK bands are not only based on CO2 output but other factors such as fuel type and electric-only ranges and therefore many questions would need to be filled. We also have an up-to-date company car tax band table to help you look up your vehicle and it is linked on the calculator page.

We will keep our car tax tables updated with popular makes and models and hope you find the new tool useful!


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