Bounce Back Loan Scheme Calculator

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June 25th 2022
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Bounce Back Loan Scheme Calculator

No credit checks, interest-free and no repayments for 12 months to help small businesses 'bounce back'. Calculate what you can borrow, the payments and costs.

Update: - You can now use our new bounce back loan extension calculator. This updated calculator works the same as below, but allows you to change your loan term, add overpayments and see the effects on interest/repayments etc. Original article continues below.

In an effort to help small businesses struggling through the virus pandemic, the Chancellor Rishi Sunak has today announced that from May 4th a new fast-track online loan scheme will be available for businesses.

100 percent of the loans are backed by the government, offering businesses including entrepreneurs, sole traders and micro-businesses the option to take out loans of between £2,000 to a maximum of £50,000 with little to zero credit checks required or any lender hold-ups. The loans will be limited to a quarter of their previous year's turnover with proof of income self certified, or in some cases proved via a tax return.

Banks providing loans of up to £25,000 will be exempt from normal regulatory checks, which means these loan amounts will have minimal checks and the fastest access to funds for businesses.

In the earlier loan scheme, the CBILS, loans required proving of 'viability' of the business going forward, something the bounce back scheme does not.

The Chancellor has stated a loan term of 6 years with no payments made for the first 12 months and interest covered by the government. Businesses will begin repaying the loans from month 12 to month 72.

The Chancellor sent a letter to banks to advise that the rate for the loans should be set at 2.5 percent. Use the calculator below to see what this equates to in total loan costs and payments:

Bounce Back Loan Scheme
Amount, Payments and Cost Calculator

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People applying will need to fill out a short, standardised online application which they will 'self-certify'. Loan funds could be paid out within 24 hours of application.

The CBI Director-General has stated that the removal of the red-tape and credit checks has provided transformational access to funding for businesses - vital at the current time in order to stay afloat. Others have stated that the new bounce back scheme provides a route to finance for those blocked out of the CBILS scheme, which has been criticised for the red-tape and slow processing time.

Income support options for limited company directors have been missing so far, and while not matching the grants offered to the employed and self employed, this new loan scheme may help some in immediate difficulties.

We have also produced an additional bounce back loan calculator with overpayments and early settlement to show the affect on payments where a portion of the loan is settled early. This could be of interest to businesses who have applied for and received the full £50,000 allowed but find they do not need that much down the road. The calculator will show the immediate effect on the monthly payment, interest charged and continuing loan balance.

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