Check Your Income Percentile Using This Calculator

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May 23rd 2022
Tax Week 7
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Check Your Income Percentile Using This Calculator

Are you a one percenter? You will be surprised at where your income actually places you in the UK using this quick calculator.

We have developed this quick tool to show you where your pre-tax or post-tax income sits across the range of incomes in the UK. Try it below.

Income Check
What is your income percentile?

Adjust your details above and the calculation will automatically refresh!

The government releases an annually updated dataset of incomes surveyed from people who are liable to pay income tax. Due to this, for each tax year in the calculator, anything below the personal tax-free allowance for the year will be shown as zero percentile.

Data is validated and sourced from the 'National Statistics' dataset, 'Percentile points from 1 to 99 for total income before and after tax' - which can be downloaded here.

If the calculator doesn't display or work as intended, click here to refresh the page.

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