Bounce Back Loan Calculator

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May 25th 2022
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Bounce Back Loan Calculator

Use this tool to calculate the payment schedule including any overpayments and early settlement for your bounce back loan. See total costs and how payments and interest are adjusted.

By Karl Collins

Update: - We now also have a new bounce back loan extension calculator. This newer tool works the same as below, but allows you to change your loan term and see the effects on interest/repayments etc. Original article continues below.

Many businesses have taken, and continue to take advantage of, the government backed bounce back loan scheme. The loans offer a twelve month payment holiday and interest-free period, with the next five years paid off at a 2.5 percent interest rate.

We have heard many businesses have taken the maximum they are allowed according to the loan terms, which is up to twenty five percent of turnover (max £50,000). Due to this we expect some businesses may repay a portion early or ahead of schedule if the loan is not required.

We have therefore created this tool to show the full payment schedule for a bounce back loan of any amount, along with the ability to add overpayments at any stage and see the effect on the repayments, interest charges and total costs.

Bounce Back Loan Scheme
Early Repayment and Overpayments Calculator

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