Labour Plans To Raise Minimum Wage To £10 Per Hour

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July 13th 2020
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Labour Plans To Raise Minimum Wage To £10 Per Hour

Jeremy Corbyn will ban unpaid internships, zero-hour contracts and raise the minimum wage in revolutionary plans for workers rights.

Speaking in front of the Trade Union Congress in Brighton, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn outlined his plans. The full transcript of the speech is available at the Labour Party website.

After stating the Conservatives have reduced their majority from one to minus forty-five in the space of a week, Mr Corbyn stressed the importance of avoiding a no-deal Brexit which would inevitably lead to a wholesale auction of public services, removal of regulations that keep us safe and standards high and further trample over the rights of workers.

Corbyn stressed that a no-deal situation would end up with a poor trade deal with the US and the possibility of right-to-work laws been implemented in the UK, laws which mean employees can work in unionised workplaces without joining the union or paying union fees.

If a no-deal cannot be allowed then general election is the next step and for that Corbyn is readying a campaign based on 'people power'. This includes, a new vote of leaving the EU but without the misinformation of the previous vote.

The Labour leader stated employee wages as a share of GDP have reduced by 15 percent in 40 years and pay when adjusted for inflation is actually lower than 10 years ago.

Labour plans to combat this by extending workers rights with the following actions:

  • A minimum wage of at least £10 pounds from age 16.
  • Outlawing zero-hour contracts.
  • Reduction of the state pension age contrary to the Conservatives thoughts on working to age 75.
  • Put workers on the boards of large companies providing employees with a 10% share of the company and allow them to receive dividends (up to £500 per year).
  • A new Ministry of Employment Rights to prevent wage undercutting, increase workplace and job stability and encouragement for businesses to invest.
  • Repealing of the Conservatives Trade Union Act.
  • Creation of a Workers Protection Agency to enforce workers' rights. The agency will be able to prosecute businesses directly.

Moving to other aspects of 'people power', Corbyn plans to put caps on property rental prices, nationalise trains, post, water and electricity and make moves to combat climate change.

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