World Tax Calculator now Updated for 2018

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May 24th 2022
Tax Week 7
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World Tax Calculator now Updated for 2018

Tax rules, rates and allowances for 16 countries now available - calculate and compare on the website and in the app.

World Tax Calculator now Updated for 2018

We have just completed the updates to the website and app for the tax changes for 16 countries within our world tax calculator.

It is a complicated process due to the varying means of accessing data and deciphering how rules work for the different countries available for comparison. In order to provide a basis where a like for like match is as close as possible, we use tax rules as applicable to single individuals paying personal income tax.

Common allowances, deductions and social charges as well as tax credits bearing effects upon the total tax charge are also included when coming up with a figure for total taxation.

There are big changes for taxes in Japan with the 2018 reform as well as incremental changes for other countries.

To help make figures make more sense in real terms we include the cost of a common basket of goods for each country.

Give the updated calculators a try either for a single country calculation or a comparison between two countries. Use the world tax calculator here or get the iOS app or Android app.

Remember, you can enter a gross income amount in any currency (currencies are converted automatically with rates updated daily!)


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