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Job Hunting? Use Our New Job Search With Take Home Estimates Built-In

We are proud to announce the ability to search for jobs right here at

Teaming up with the guys at AdZuna has allowed us to create a tool providing you with a full search of all the best UK job websites, coupled with our tools to give a better salary insight.

AdZuna have developed a brilliant search system that crawls all the best UK job websites and analyses each advert in detail. We take that information, run through the salary information with our tax calculation system and provide a clean set of results which not only provide you with detail about the job, but the difference in take home pay against what you currently earn.

You can narrow search by location/distance, category, job title/description, job type, job term and the age of the advert. Sort results by relevance, salary or the date they were published.

In addition, we have added a job shortlist functionality to allow you to save jobs as you view them for later perusal. Your job shortlist can then be shared on social media, emailed or just plain printed!

Over on our salary and payslip calculators, we have included a small widget to allow you to see a salary estimate for any job title provided. Again, we use the AdZuna system for the result - which bases its result upon the 000's of job advertisements out there.

Go ahead, give it a try right now!

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