July 2nd 2022
Tax Week 13
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UK Tax Calculators Wizard - Calculate your total tax liability across multiple income sources using this FREE combined income tax calculator for Multiple PAYE, Self Employment, Property Rental, Savings, Capital Gains and Dividend income. Start by either creating your tax profile or re-open your saved tax profile!

Site Revisions:

  • 06/04/19 - Updated 2019/2020 tax year rates, allowances and bands.
  • 12/04/18 - Added option for Payroll Giving - This works on PAYE income only.
  • 05/04/18 - Personal Allowance usage for savings after other allowances used error now fixed.
  • 16/04/16 - Savings Personal Allowance adjusted to work as a zero-rated band in addition to starting rate or on its own.
  • 11/03/16 - Fixed error with adjustment of tax bands due to private pension contribution tax relief.
  • 12/02/16 - Dividend calculation for 2016/17 updated to include the £5,000 Dividend Allowance as a zero-rated band.
  • 16/01/16 - Dividend Tax Credit for pre-2016/17 adjusted where taxable gross dividend is less than original grossed dividend. Tax credit will now equal 10% (ordinary rate) of the taxable gross dividend amount.
  • 17/12/15 - Fixed bug where Capital Gains income was added to 'income' for the assessment of personal allowance tapering. This is now as defined by Steps 1 and 2 of Chapter 23 of the Income Tax Act 2007.
  • Tax Rates and Allowances for 2015/2016 added from the 2014 Autumn Statement.
  • Tax Rates and Allowances for 2014/2015 added from the 2013 UK Budget.
  • Tax Rates and Allowances for 2013/2014 added from the 2012 UK Budget - Including Date of Birth based allowances.
  • NIC Exempt Income Input Added
  • State Pension Age Calculator Added
  • Fixed errors with NIC calculations for people at state pension age who have self employment income
  • Property Rental Income Input Added
  • Fixed error with Student Loan Contributions where taxpayer has reached state pension age
  • Corrected error with tapering allowances, pension contributions are grossed at basic rate before deduction from income to calculate personal allowance.
  • Fixed bug where savings income (savings,dividend,CGT) may in some cases be computed before non-savings income.

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