Tax Return 2019 - Calculate How Much You Could Owe

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March 31st 2020
Tax Week 52
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Tax Return 2019 - Calculate How Much You Could Owe

With around one month to go to the online self assessment deadline, use our quick calculator to estimate what you could owe.

Over 3,000 people have used their 2019 Christmas Break to file their tax return. That figure is specifically for Christmas Day. Between midday and one o'clock there were 245 tax returns being buzzed through HMRC's online systems!

Use our quick calculator below to estimate what you could owe. The tax return this year is for income earned between April 6th 2018 and April 5th 2019. The tool below will check your overall tax across any type or combination of incomes.

Tax Return 2019
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In total 22,035 self assessments were filed on Christmas Eve, followed by 3,003 tax returns going through on Christmas Day, followed by 9,254 on Boxing Day.

In total over eleven million tax returns remain outstanding before the deadline date for online filing, which is 31st January 2020.

Tax returns take around three and a half hours to complete, and you see your tax bill at the end, so give our estimate tool a shot to play around with some figures.

Remember the self assessment system is based on payments on account where a portion of the next tax year is paid alongside what is owe for the previous tax year.

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