Renew Tax Credits Before July 31st

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May 23rd 2022
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Renew Tax Credits Before July 31st

Final year for new tax credit claims before Universal Credit, but existing Tax Credit claimants must renew soon to continue receiving support.

The Government has launched their annual reminder campaign to make sure people receiving Tax Credits do not have a break in payments by not renewing on time.

People who do not renew Tax Credits before July 31st 2019 will have their payments stopped so must make sure they meet the deadline obligations.

It is easier than ever with the availability of the online service where a Tax Credits renewal can now be processed. The service also allows people to check their tax credits payment schedule and more.

Last year, over a million people were yet to renew their tax credits with only a day to go before the deadline. Hundreds of thousands of people ended up missing the renewal date and had payments stopped or demands for a claw-back on previous credits paid.

The purpose of renewing is to make sure the details held by the HMRC are up to date and the circumstances affecting a Tax Credits claim have not changed. This includes aspects such as working hours per week, income and childcare.

2019 is the final year in which HMRC will be allowing brand new claimants on to the Tax Credits scheme. New claimants will use the Universal Credits scheme, while existing Tax Credits claimants are gradually phased over to Universal Credits by December 2023.

Renew online at, or via phone on 0345 300 3900.

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