Tax Credits Renewal Deadline Tomorrow

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July 10th 2020
Tax Week 14
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Tax Credits Renewal Deadline Tomorrow

31st July marks the deadline for renewing tax credits, but over a million yet to renew.

Over a million people still have outstanding tax credit renewals - and the deadline is tomorrow (31st July).

There are now many methods to choose from when deciding how best to renew your tax credits, so there is no need to join the 320,000 people last year who had payments paused or reduced due to missing the deadline.

A tax credit renewal's purpose is primarily to advise the Taxman on any changes to your circumstances such as number of hours worked per week, current income and any costs of childcare.

Remember also that if you are new parents on this year's renewal you should deduct from your income any payments you receive for statutory maternity/paternity, parental or adoption. The deduction you can make is capped at £100 per week - but potentially worth saving up to £495 of your tax credit claim.

Renew online at, or via phone on 0345 300 3900.

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