Autumn Budget 2017 : Summary

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June 25th 2022
Tax Week 12
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Autumn Budget 2017 : Summary

Here is a quick breakdown of all the key points made in today's first Autumn Budget.

The Chancellor Philip Hammond delivered his first Autumn Budget this afternoon shortly after 12:40. Here is a breakdown of the key statements and broken down by category.

  • Tax

    • Personal allowance raised to £11,850 from £11,500 from April 2018.
    • Higher rate threshold raised from £33,500 to £34,500 from April 2018.
    • Plan 1 student loans (pre-September 2012) will deduct 9% over £18,330 from pay. Threshold rises by £555.
    • Plan 2 student loans (post-September 2012) will deduct 9% over £25,000 from pay. First rise in threshold for these loans. Threshold rises by £4,000.
    • Fuel duties, Air taxes to be frozen at current levels.
    • VAT threshold to remain at the current £85,000 level for the next two years before review.
    • Stamp duty removed altogether for first-time buyers purchasing property for worth less than £300,000. This raises to £500,000 in areas of higher demand. These changes are effective immediately.
    • Empty homes to be charged a 100 percent premium on council tax.
    • Tobacco duty to rise at 2% over RPI.
    • Alcohol duties to be frozen at current levels.
    • VED for diesel cars not at EU6 levels to rise one band from April 2018. Company diesel cars to rise by 1%. Van drivers are exempted.
  • Business and Economy

    • GDP forecasts revised down. 1.5% from previously announced 2%.
    • Inflation to fall to 2% from the end of the year.
    • 600,000 extra jobs to be created within 5 years.
    • Brexit to cost £3 billion in planning costs over next two years.
    • Borrowing to peak next year at just over £40 billion - as will debt.
    • Fresh investment for tech companies.
    • Scottish police and fire services to receive long contested VAT refund next year.
    • NHS to receive extra £2.8 billion funding.


    • Stamp duty to be abolished (See tax section).
    • 300,000 new homes to be built by the middle of the next decade.


    • £350 million set aside for extra winter funding for the vulnerable this winter - with over £1.5 billion for the next two years.
    • Waiting times to be removed for Universal Credit applicants.
    • Housing benefit continued for two weeks for new Universal Credit claimants.


    • GCSE Computer Science to receive £84 million in funding - equivalent to over 8,000 teachers.
    • Teacher training funds to be extended by £40 million.
    • Secondary schools to receive £600 extra for each pupil taking maths as GCSE or A-Level.

We are now updating all of our calculators and tools. We will also have an updated Budget 2017 Calculator available at our sister site shortly.

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