How The Major Parties May Tax You If They Win The Election

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July 15th 2020
Tax Week 15
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How The Major Parties May Tax You If They Win The Election

We have created a calculator that takes all the tax information provided in the election manifestos and provides a simple figure to show you how your income would be taxed.

Since our earlier discussion in January, regarding the possible changes any newly elected Government would make, time has passed quite rapidly. We are now only weeks away from the polls and all the parties have already released their manifestos and been up and down the country gathering votes.

Our calculator takes all the major decisions, costed decisions, made by the political parties and implements them in a simple comparison. We lay out all figures in a chart, along with an itemised breakdown, to be compared against the current tax regime going into 2016.

Feel free to share the calculator and if you have a website or blog, it can be embedded with a quick copy and paste.

Enjoy the weekend!

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