Budget 2013 Media Reactions

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June 25th 2022
Tax Week 12
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Budget 2013 Media Reactions

Now the budget has been delivered for 2013, what is the mood in the media? Has George Osborne's budget been a hit or miss?

The biggest reaction this year was actually made before the budget was even revealed, well officially at least, as the Evening Standard got a leaked shot of the front page and the subsequently tweeted it.

The left leaning Guardian generally went with the view that the Chancellor was taking cheap attempts at crowd pleasing with measures which make good headlines but are not substantial enough to really make a difference.

For example:

  • The Chancellor made announcements for home buying schemes to help first time buyers grab hold of the property ladder, but these schemes would still lumber many with a mortgage debt of many times their salary (historically high) and in a property market/economy still not showing any real stability.
  • Freezes on duties for fuel but with VAT still at 20 percent and being charged on the duty part of fuel cost.
  • Beer drinkers get a penny off their duty from today, but is that the kind of change needed?

Another paper against the 'Help To Buy' scheme was The Telegraph, which forecast a new property bubble, which is not a good thing - especially considering the purpose of the scheme in the first instance. If the market were to crash, the underwriting of the scheme is actually the taxpayer who would shoulder a property related bust up once more.

The Daily Mail followed this tone and dissected the new 20 percent tax relief for childcare costs, worth a maximum of £1,200, as not doing enough for stay-at-home mums who receive no help.

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