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April 21st 2019
Tax Week 3
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hi love the site. what about sal/div calc with only div paid (no sal)

Geoff - 18/01/2019 16:38:23

Try our Small Business Tax Planner at

Ray Arman

Could do with being able to add dividends to the calculator

Michael Champain - 11/01/2019 15:23:45

You can add dividends using the multiple income calculators -

Ray Arman

tax year 2004/5 .Check income of £38165. Error may be 10% rate. I believe the same error is in other years.

Chris.lingard - 09/01/2019 12:47:33

Thank you for pointing out this error. The starting rate was incorrectly used in the calculation. This has now been fixed.

Ray Arman

tax year 2004/5 I believe the ni rate for the previous year 2003/4 has been used.

Chris Lingard - 09/01/2019 12:42:00

This error has now been fixed - thank you.

Ray Arman

How about allowing the entry of gift aid contributions?

Bjorn Graabek - 06/01/2019 21:02:17

We have a gift aid calculator at ( this allows you to enter any income type combination and see the effect of gift aid. You can also use our Wizard ( to input any income type and include payroll giving.

Ray Arman

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