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Your multi income calculator does not seem to take into account that a person over pensionable age does NOT pay NIC

Dev - 14/03/2019 08:54:36

Did you enter your date of birth? The calculator checks if a person is over SPA based on date of birth and current SPA rules. Please email me at with details of your inputs to the calculator so I can investigate further for you.

Ray Arman

on the multiple incomes calculator I don't know where to ad d in taxable Employment and support allowance payments

Kate Wilson - 13/03/2019 16:03:12

Please enter the total income for the year from these sources in the 'NIC Exempt' income box.

Ray Arman

In multiple income cannot define pension as salary sacrifice nor add more than one pension?

Jenny - 12/03/2019 19:06:36

In the multiple income calculate you will need to enter your PAYE income after salary sacrifice. So if your PAYE income is 50000 but you pension sacrifice 10000, you should enter 40000 in the PAYE box. You would not need to enter anything in the pension contribution boxes unless you have an additional non-sacrifice pension. If you have more than one pension you contribute to, then you would need add up the total contributed for the year in those boxes.

Ray Arman

i believe that there is anomaly in the personal allowance taper from 2010/11. £100,001 is taxed at 40% and £100,002 at 80%

Chris Lingard - 15/02/2019 11:33:15

The personal allowance is rounded to nearest whole number in our calculation code at the moment. I'll look into the rounding rules there and update.

Ray Arman

hi love the site. what about sal/div calc with only div paid (no sal)

Geoff - 18/01/2019 16:38:23

Try our Small Business Tax Planner at

Ray Arman

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