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January 22nd 2017
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Hi, I bought it through Apple for 79p. However, when ever I use the "update" button, it goes into a loop, still getting ads

John - 01/12/2016 11:48:33

Please accept our apologies, there seems to be a hard to pin down bug for some users regarding restoring existing purchases. You will need to delete the app, then re-download it from the app store. Once installed, used the buy now button, not the update button to make the in-app purchase. The app store will prompt to you that you have already made the purchase and will not be charged again. Tap OK. The app should then reload without ads. Thanks for your continued support.

Ray Arman


Alistair Brown - 10/11/2016 15:07:42

Something about a tax code that ends in M as mine does!

Stephen Taylor - 03/11/2016 18:14:53

The website has now been updated to handle the M and N tax codes - these are related to the marriage tax allowance transfer and signify that either the allowance has been increased or decreased by ten percent depending on the transfer direction. The app will be updated when the update is approved by Apple - in the meantime swap the M or N for L - the allowance will still calculate correctly.

Ray Arman

Nice calculator,but where it says. '£31,000 per month' I think you mean £31,000 per annum.

Neil F Liversidge - 18/08/2016 11:03:35

Hi Neil, Thanks for letting me know - If possible, could you email me where it says '£31,000 per month' ?

Ray Arman

please tell me where the figure of 22000 as personal allowance in the computation comes from .is it not 11000

John Mahoney - 08/08/2016 13:52:00

Hi John, Please could you email me your calculation inputs so I can replicate and check the calculation figures? Thanks.

Ray Arman