Nearly 3,000 Tax Returns Completed On Christmas Day

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June 25th 2022
Tax Week 12
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Nearly 3,000 Tax Returns Completed On Christmas Day

The Christmas holiday period saw over 31,000 tax returns filed online.

Every year HMRC releases the statistics of self assessment tax returns filed over the holiday period, with a surprising amount of people using the downtime to consolidate their finances.

This year is no different with 31,271 tax returns filed online across Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day (24th to 26th December).

Most tax returns were filed between 11am and 12pm on Christmas Eve with 2,914 submissions, in a day with a total of 19,802 put through HMRC online. Last year the total figure for Christmas Eve was 20,200.

Christmas Day had 2,828 tax returns filed with a peak at lunchtime - 227 returns were filed between 12pm and 1pm. Last year the total figure for Christmas Day was 2,700.

In the post-celebration recovery period over Boxing Day 8,641 tax returns were pushed through HMRC's online gateway. Once again midday was the peak activity period with 821 tax returns submitted. Last year the total figure for Boxing Day was 8,500.

The only deadline now is the final online filing and payment date of January 31st 2022, so these tax return filers have been very prudent to beat the end of month late rush.

For those struggling to make a payment this year for their tax bill, HMRC are put out reminders that a monthly arrangement can be used with the Time to Pay scheme. Taxpayers can set up their own plan online if the amount owed is under £30,000, are looking to spread the bill over up to twelve months and are setting up their facility within 60 days of the payment deadline.

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