HMRC Collects Over 600 Billion In Tax Revenues

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May 25th 2022
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HMRC Collects Over 600 Billion In Tax Revenues

Official accounts for HMRC show £608.8 billion in tax revenues for the 2020 to 2021 financial year.

The third highest tax revenue collection on record of £608.8 billion was achieved despite the pandemic restrictions and broke previous forecasts.

HMRC has just published its accounts and annual report, which also shows 11.5 million jobs were supported using the Job Retention Scheme and 2.7 million self employed people were supported with grants via the SEISS scheme.

600,000 payments for VAT owed by businesses were allowed to be deferred and a scheme to pay via installments called 'time to pay' was opened up allowing 864,000 people to pay tax bills in a manageable way during the tougher times.

The report lays out how HMRC supported the transition of leaving the European Union by creating a 24/7 customs support service. The Northern Ireland Trader Support Service had 359,000 custom declarations processed through it with 70,000 calls completed on the customs and international trade helpline - with a response time of less than five seconds in March 2021.

85 percent of people using HMRC digital services during this period rated it highly including the enhanced web-chat services, which saw usage triple from one to three million in 2020/2021.

Pandemic helplines saw 2.5 million calls during 2020/2021, an average wait time of one minute sixteen seconds by March 2021.

Home working expense claims via form P87 rose by 70 percent last year, along with claims for tax refunds on interest paid via PPI repayments.

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