Over 400,000 Tax Credit Claims Still To Renew
Over 400,000 Tax Credit Claims Still To Renew


HMRC is reminding people who are currently claimants of tax credits to make sure to renew before the deadline at the end of July.

440,000 tax credit claims are still requiring renewal with around three weeks before claims may be disrupted.

Between April and June each year, HMRC send review packs to tax credit claimants to allow them to update the details regarding their current circumstances.

Review packs are either marked 'auto-renewal' or 'reply required'. Packs marked 'reply required' must be in touch with HMRC by the end of the month otherwise payments may be interrupted.

Over 2.5 million review packs were sent out this year with one is six claimants needing to reply still outstanding.

HMRC is reminding people that they can renew online via GOV.uk and see the payment schedule of their claim too.

Another point is that due to the circumstances over the last year, tax credit claimants do not need to report fall in working hours that are related to the pandemic. For reporting purposes up to eight weeks after the furlough scheme is withdrawn will be dealt as 'normal working hours'. For self-employed people who claimed income support grants, these grant payments will need to be declared as income.

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