Number of People on Furlough Halve Over Last Three Months

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May 23rd 2022
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Number of People on Furlough Halve Over Last Three Months

Gradual lifting of restrictions allowed one million people to return to work in May.

Throughout this May over a million people returned to work as their jobs no longer required the support of the job retention scheme.

The initial lifting of restrictions for non-essential retail, pubs and restaurants have allowed these jobs to return and continues the trend for people returning to work.

The three month period from March to June showed nearly 2.5 million people coming off of furlough and returning to their jobs.

The peak of the pandemic crisis saw near to 9 million staff requiring government support as businesses struggled.

This latest data release shows the decreasing levels of assistance required from the government as the economy gradually reopens.

Even as the numbers continue to fall, up to two million people are still within the job retention scheme's support but as the July 19th date approaches and restrictions are lifted further, the confidence from businesses is hoped to improve.

The start of July saw employers being asked to contribute more toward their furloughed employee's wages. Employees still take home up to 80 percent of their wages, but employers are now contributing 10 percent toward the pay. In September employers will need to contribute 20 percent. You can use our furlough calculator to see how the figures are calculated.

Furlough support will officially end at the end of September allowing businesses an extra 10 weeks or so to ease out of the effect on trading of restrictions.

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