Furlough Scheme Anniversary Statistics

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May 23rd 2022
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Furlough Scheme Anniversary Statistics

Since the start, 11.5 million jobs have been fully or partially supported by the furlough scheme.

Statistics for the usage of the Furlough Scheme (CJRS) have been released covering the period March 20th 2020 to March 31st 2021. Data for March 2021 is however subject to possible amendments.

Cumulatively, 11.5 million jobs have been on furlough at some point during the 12 month period, but as the end of March 2021, 4.2 million jobs are being supported by CJRS.

The amount of jobs on furlough are reducing. At the end of February 2021, 41 percent of employers were using the scheme to support employments. This figure fell to 39 percent a month later. This is equivalent to 16 percent of employments in February and 14 percent in March.

By the end of February 2021 the largest trade sector using furlough was the accommodation and food services sector. 70 percent of employers in this sector has staff on furlough, reducing to 67 percent a month later. The numbers of furloughed staff in this sector reduced from 1.19 million this February to 1.06 million this March.

The retail and wholesale sector has at the peak, 1.85 million furloughed staff. This reduced to 933,000 this February and then fell to 826,000 this March.

Breaking down the above trade sectors reveals the beverage serving sub-sector to have the highest proportion of furloughed employments - a take up rate of 92 percent this February. This figure reduced to 78 percent this March.

Top 10 Industry Groups With Highest Take Up Rate For Furlough (As of March 31st 2021):

  1. passenger air transport - 200 employers (62%) with 35,000 jobs (56%)
  2. hotels and similar accommodation
  3. holiday and short-stay accommodation
  4. beverage serving activities
  5. photographic activities
  6. travel agency and tour operator activities
  7. gambling and betting activities
  8. sports activities
  9. amusement and recreation activities
  10. other personal service activities

The highest number of employments on furlough were within the restaurants and mobile food service activities - 410,000 jobs as of March.

As of March this year, 2.12 million females, compared to 1.95 million males are on furlough. Regionally, London has the highest take up rate at 16 percent, with the UK take up rate average 14 percent.

People under 18 have the highest furlough take up rate at 38 percent male and 28 percent female. The 18 to 24 and 65 and above age groups are more likely to be on furlough than other age groups.

29 percent of employments on furlough as of March are on partial furlough.

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