Budget 2020 : Date Announced

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June 25th 2022
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Budget 2020 : Date Announced

Chancellor Sajid Javid sets new date for his first Budget after previous November budget was deferred.

Wednesday March 11th 2020 has been officially announced as the date of the 2020 Budget. It will be Chancellor Sajid Javid's first Budget, the first Conservative Budget since their election win and also the first Budget after the UK begins EU withdrawal at the end of January 2020.

Sajid Javid was previously set to deliver the Budget last November but this was deferred once the election had become a certainty.

As newly appointed Chancellor and now with a majority government, Javid may follow the path of his 'low tax guy' stance. The election promise of raising the primary threshold for national insurance contributions to £9,500 is expected within his red briefcase at the very least.

If Javid does intend to simplify taxes in his Budget then we could expect a possible slimming for stamp duty, income taxes and more.

Javid announced the Budget today with promises of investment and opportunity for the economy for the next decade.

As always, we will update with any news and leaks in the days leading up to Budget day.

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