Autumn Budget 2018 : Date Announced

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June 25th 2022
Tax Week 12
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Autumn Budget 2018 : Date Announced

The Chancellor has set an earlier date than expected due to ongoing Brexit talks.

Monday October 29th will be the official date for the Autumn 2018 Budget, a date set earlier than last year in order to prevent clashes with final Brexit negotiations.

Chancellor Phillip Hammond has said that his priority remains to reduce the nation's debt burden.

The date set is a week post an important EU meeting, which possibly could give the final word on any deal reached for the UK leaving the EU next April.

There are no hints as yet on the contents of the budget briefcase for this October, but looser purse strings may be possible after borrowing figures came back lower than expected this summer.

As always, we will update with any news and leaks as the weeks unravel leading up to the day.

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