Eight Percent of 18-20 Year Olds Miss Tax Return Deadline

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September 27th 2021
Tax Week 25
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Eight Percent of 18-20 Year Olds Miss Tax Return Deadline

Other tax return stats show older people are better at keeping up to date, and Northern Ireland the best region for not missing tax return dates.

Now that there are three weeks to go until the online tax return deadline on the 31st January, HMRC has released stats for last year's tax return penalties for missing the deadline.

An automatic £100 fine is applied when the final deadline for submitting a tax return is missed by a taxpayer, even if no tax is owed. Last year the overall late rate was 2.3 percent but regionally the stats vary significantly as well as in different age groups.

Some interesting stats to note:

  1. People working in Administrative and Support Services have a 2.96 percent late rate - this is the highest among industry sectors.
  2. Londoners are the worst offenders regionally for submitting late returns at 3.1 percent whereas Northern Ireland has the lowest regional late rate of 1.78 percent.
  3. People over 65 years of age have a late rate of only 1.04 percent but 18-20 year olds have a late rate of 8.33 percent!
  4. The late rate among age groups decreases as people get older - so the younger you are the higher the rate of missing the tax deadline is.

Over eleven million Self Assessment Tax Returns were sent out last year - so with an average late rate of 2.3 percent that means around 250,000 late returns in total, netting the Taxman instant penalty income of £25 million!

Here are the full figures released by HMRC:

Age Groups

Age GroupLate Per 10,000

UK Regions

UK RegionLate Per 10,000
Northern Ireland178
North East267
North West238
West Midlands222
Yorkshire and the Humber217
South East211
East of England210
East Midlands208
South West184

Industry Sectors

IndustryLate Per 10,000
Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing62
Wholesale and Retail Trade; Repair of Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles207
Transportation and Storage236
Accommodation and Food Service Activities183
Information and Communication250
Financial, Insurance and Real Estate Activities156
Activities Legal & Accounting Activities106
Other Professional, Scientific and Technical Activities203
Administrative and Support Service Activities296
Human Health and Social Work Activities188
Arts, Entertainment and Recreation217
Other Industries260
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