HMRC Reveals Latest Batch of Excuses For Late Tax Returns
HMRC Reveals Latest Batch of Excuses For Late Tax Returns


Each year HMRC compiles a list of the most baffling excuses used by 'genuine' people who either did not submit a tax return when asked to or were late submitting one. In order to avoid paying the automatic £100 penalty these people can ask the Taxman to be lenient and in most cases their request is considered.

However, some excuses are strange, dishonest or not acceptable and this year this includes:

  1. Fire on the yacht
  2. Car accident caused by wasp destroys tax return
  3. Wife couldn't complete return for me as she has a headache
  4. Dog ate tax return and reminders
  5. Husband got the accountant in the divorce
  6. Child doodled over the tax return
  7. Colleague photocopied and then lost my tax return
  8. I thought the deadline was March 31st
  9. No internet
  10. No postman
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