Autumn Statement 2016 Date Announced

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July 15th 2020
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Autumn Statement 2016 Date Announced

The first Autumn Statement for new Chancellor Philip Hammond to deliver announced for November 23rd 2016.

The Government has announced November 23rd will be the date the 2016 Autumn Statement is delivered to Parliament.

This is the first budget report that the newly shuffled Conservative cabinet will prepare and deliver and it will be interesting to gauge PM Theresa May and Chancellor Philip Hammond's plans for the economy - both from their own visions as well as the effect on the 'Brexit'.

The Autumn Statement is an annual event, where as a pre-Budget report it provides updates on the economy backed up with data from the OBR.

Members of the public have until October 7th to submit their ideas and thoughts regarding what the report covers. The Treasury has set up an online survey form to make the process easy and it is available at

As usual you can follow our updates to the Autumn Statement right here or by following our twitter @uktaxcalculator. All thoughts will be collated under the hashtag #AS2016.

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