Over 1.5 Million Tax Credits Already Renewed For 2016

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May 23rd 2022
Tax Week 7
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Over 1.5 Million Tax Credits Already Renewed For 2016

Four weeks before deadline half have already renewed with the online option proving popular.

Just over three million people were sent a tax credit renewal pack a few months ago and given the deadline of the 31st July to renew or otherwise risk disrupting their claim and payments. Now, with less than 4 weeks to go before the end of July, HMRC reveals that thanks to improved online options many have already completed the renewal process.

1.5 million people have renewed so far and of this 500,000 used the online service - this isn't the lions share but with around 4 weeks remaining is very close to the 750,000 that used the online service in total last year. HMRC are delighted that many more people are converting to its online service as it reduces the strain on its call centres and manual processing requirement by the Taxman, especially with recent poor audit discoveries.

Claimants can still speak to an HMRC adviser through the online interface however using the webchat facility so queries are able to be answered.

Visit the online renewal tool at https://www.gov.uk/renewtaxcredits

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