The Worst Excuses For Missing The Tax Return Deadline Revealed
The Worst Excuses For Missing The Tax Return Deadline Revealed


With the online deadline for the 2015 Tax Return only two weeks away, HMRC today revealed the top 10 worst reasons for not submitting the Tax Return on time.

In general, the Taxman is lenient if the reason for missing the return is deemed as genuine (and sometimes with evidence required), but as you will see the top worst excuses are quite far from that definition.

All of the following excuses were given an initial £100 penalty and the appeal against the fine was refused.

  • 1. Rodents!

    Don't leave your tax papers in the shed like this taxpayer or a rat might eat them.

  • 2. Sibling Reliability

    This taxpayer's sister was meant to complete the tax return - but they had a falling out.

  • 3. Bugs

    This one took down this taxpayer's accountant.

  • 4. Simpsons-esque

    Bart would be proud of this - this taxpayer's dog ate the tax return.

  • 5. No Signal

    This taxpayer would be abroad with no internet access.

  • 6. Failing electronics

    This taxpayer's laptop failed - oh, and so did the washing machine.

  • 7. Blame it on the kids

    This taxpayer's niece made the house untidy enough to make finding the online log-in details impossible.

  • 8. Car vs Laptop

    Husband's car ran over the laptop - car won.

  • 9. Really pushing it

    This taxpayer had an argument with his wife and then went to Italy... for five years. Must have been some argument.

  • Bugs...Again.

    This taxpayer had a lingering cold.

While the above excuses are strange and were dismissed by the Revenue, for others with genuine concerns on getting their Self Assessment completed, there is help at hand. For example, cases such as the recent flooding in the North will be dealt with fairly as long as the taxpayer contacts HMRC early enough.

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