Christmas and New Year Tax Return Statistics

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July 15th 2020
Tax Week 15
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Christmas and New Year Tax Return Statistics

Another 13 percent increase in people getting their tax returns wrapped up this Christmas.

At the start of every year the Taxman publishes figures for the number of people using their online service over the holiday period to submit Self Assessment Tax Returns.

Christmas Day saw just over 2,000 Tax Returns submitted and Boxing Day another 5,400.

A record of nearly 25,000 Tax Returns were submitted on New Year's Eve, with another 11,500 on New Year's Day. 600 people were quick to get ahead on their New Year's resolutions by organising their finances and submitting their return between midnight and 10am.

The deadline for submitting online is the 31st January in order to avoid any penalties. However, if your excuse is good enough it might be waived. HMRC's pre-Christmas 'Inner Peace' campaign aimed at the 85 percent using the online Tax Return service seems to have been effective.

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