Autumn Statement 2015 set for November 25th Alongside Spending Review

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January 23rd 2021
Tax Week 42
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Autumn Statement 2015 set for November 25th Alongside Spending Review

Mini-Budget and Government spending plans combined and delivered at the end of this month.

Taxpayers will now be familiar with how the Government spends collected revenue due to the open initiative making available tax summary statements. Soon they will become more aware of how the expenditure is planned. Normally the Government holds a Spending Review and this is published each year detailing how much funding each department is to receive, e.g. NHS, Education etc. However, on November 25th the Spending Review will be combined with the deliverance of the Autumn Statement - an event that normally receives larger mainstream coverage.

The Chancellor will possibly be combining the two to highlight broader policy decisions and the effect of the long term push to cut the economical deficit. By putting the two together it may help justify decisions to the public and economy pundits watching.

So, catch up with us on the final Wednesday of the month to get the insight on how the Government plans to spend its £4 trillion collected annual tax revenue alongside updates to the country's economical performance, forecasts and specific policy changes such as the ongoing tax credit cut situation.

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