Tax Credit Renewal Online Can Take As Little As Six Minutes

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July 12th 2020
Tax Week 14
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Tax Credit Renewal Online Can Take As Little As Six Minutes

HMRC urges people renewing tax credits to use online service prior to the July deadline

Between April and June the Taxman posts out renewal packs for Tax Credits claimants. The paperwork must be completed and returned before the end of July deadline to avoid payments being stopped.

With around seven weeks remaining, HMRC are reminding people that their online service is available to make short work of the task and can now be used by everyone - even those who previously could not due to a change of circumstances. Those with changes such as income, working hours, childcare provisions or anything else can use the service.

The early reminder comes amidst a particularly hectic time at HMRC and with delays on phone lines possible all precautions are being taken, including the expansion of the online service and a specialist team for identified people for whom online renewal may be an issue.

Claimants will still need a renewal reference number, which is within the renewal letter. Nearly six million letters are being sent out. If they have not received the letter by the end of June they are advised to contact HMRC as soon as possible.

The online renewal tool can be found at:

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