Christmas Break Increasingly Used To Sort Through Finances

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July 31st 2021
Tax Week 17
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Christmas Break Increasingly Used To Sort Through Finances

Respite over Christmas allows an additional 13 percent of people to get their tax returns wrapped up.

A total of 24,228 tax returns were submitted using HMRC's online facility - a rise of five percent over the 23,059 last year.

It seems most people continued to get as many tax returns finalised before taking their holiday. 17,644 returns were submitted on Christmas Eve, a four percent increase on 2013's 17,000.

We reported last year that over 1,500 people had managed to use digestion downtime over Christmas Day wisely and enter the new year with their finances in order. It seems as the trend is on the way up as HMRC reveals that over the 2014 Christmas Day bank holiday, 1,773 tax returns were submitted.

An interesting breakdown of the submission times shows most were pushed through online between 12pm and 1pm on Christmas Day, around 148 in total. The Boxing Day bank holiday saw 4,811 submissions, an increase of seven percent over last year's 4,493.

The deadline to remains open for about four weeks, with the return and any tax due by midnight 31st January 2015.

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