Renew Tax Credits Online Using New HMRC Tool

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July 10th 2020
Tax Week 14
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Renew Tax Credits Online Using New HMRC Tool

Online renewal form launched by HMRC allows tax credit claimants to renew via Internet

By Ray Arman

This year nearly six million people are receiving tax credits and each claimant is required to complete and return their renewal pack to HMRC by July 31st. With the deadline now less than one month away, HMRC hopes to ease the process by launching an online renewal form.

Using the new form, claimants who do not have a change in circumstances from the previous year's claim can quite quickly renew their claim. HMRC claims a 96 percent 'satisfaction rate' from the 135,000 people who have so far used the service.

Of the six million claimants, over 1.5 million are still outstanding. These people are urged to try the tool at HMRC's website and make sure they do not miss the deadline.

Missing the deadline could stop payments until renewal as experienced by the 13 percent who renewed late last year.

Claimants with a change in circumstances, such as working hours, pay or childcare should check whether they can use the tool, otherwise submit the paper renewal pack before July 31st - for any help the tax credits helpline can be reached on 0345 300 3900.

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