London Tax Credits Claimants Should Renew Early

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July 10th 2020
Tax Week 14
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London Tax Credits Claimants Should Renew Early

Over 600,000 households expected to receive tax credits packs in London area

Between April and June each year, HMRC sends out Tax Credit Renewal Packs and this year 5.8 million households can expect one.

In order to allow time for processing and prevent last minute mayhem, HMRC are issuing advice for people in London, over 600,000 households, to renew as soon as they receive their pack - well before the 31 July deadline.

As the deadline approaches many factors are put under stress especially HMRC phone support - not getting the right help on time may have resulted in the 14 percent of people attempting to renew after the deadline last year.

Packs are sent out to gather information about changes in declared income estimates, working hours, childcare and other circumstances. HMRC uses this information to provide a finalised tax credit award amount and to adjust for any reclaimable amounts.

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